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Foundation for Spiritual Emergence is dedicated to understanding the spiritual realms. Understanding comes through multidimensional healing work and by teaching methods that support positive changes resulting in more conscious spiritual connection. These changes originate from deep within people, typically below consciousness, and radiate out into their lives, including their relationships with self/others/divinity.

The purity of our divine soul, our drop within the ocean, becomes identified and associated with the mind and its endless desires an attachments. With multidimensional healing for the individual, I work both at the human and the divine levels of energy that surround the human body. Much of my work is at the human level where the healer is the active instrument. I have found this is very effective in clearing away the dense energetic emotional debris. At the divine level, I am sometimes overshadowed or closely directed by spiritual guides. Healing work becomes very powerful when it is done at both human and divine levels.